Flaming Bukit Kledang


The Rotary Club of Kinta appropriately celebrated Earth Day on 22 April by planting Flame of the Forest trees to rehabilitate the barren areas at Kledang Hill.

Morning 'gotong-royong' team to plant trees

Happily sharing their green initiative was Ipoh City Council and the Menglembu Kledang Joggers who participated in the morning’s gotong-royong tree planting get together.

Rotary President Ng (l) together with Mayor Roshidi (r) planting a Tree.

Rotary Club President Ng Chee Aun said the project called ‘ForesTree’ was undertaken to ensure that Kledang Hill continues to be a sustainable provision of environmental supplies and services such as clean water, green lung and habitat for local flora and fauna.

Red Flame of the Forest along the staircase

Ipoh Mayor Dato’Roshidi Hashim in his address thanked the club for their tree planting initiative and supporting MBI’s ‘Clean, Green and Developed’ efforts to make Ipoh a green city. Roshidi added that the Council also had plans to plant trees along the banks of the Kinta River.

...and along the hill slopes.

The ‘ForesTree’ project will see a total of 200 young red coloured Flame of the Forest trees being planted within two months along slopes, land terraces and open areas on the hill.

Rotary Club of Kinta, to plant 200 trees.