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Bon Voyage …KVWO


The 2 year old Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra held their ‘final rehearsal ‘before departing for their first-ever overseas performance debut in Taiwan.

KVWO...going to Taiwan

The Orchestra was invited to perform in Taiwan after giving a fully sponsored charity performance in aid of Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital in Penang in January this year.
The invitation was conveyed to the Orchestra by some Taiwan Government Officials who were in the audience.
Mr Eugene Pook, KVWO’s Music Director said the invitation was a ‘proud moment’ not just for the orchestra but ‘for the state and country too’.
The orchestra consists of 48 musicians, mostly students and will be making 2 appearances, one for a fundraiser and the next as a cultural interaction with Taiwanese aborigines.
To raise funds for their Taiwan trip the KVWO held a successful fund raising event earlier in April where they raised enough money for all the air tickets for the group.

Taiwan we come.

The pre-Taiwan Concert held at The Dome at Meru Valley Golf and Country Club was an invitation only event for sponsors and supporters.
Ipoh Echo wishes Pook and his musicians ‘BonVoyage’ and all the best.

Super SAS Tournament 2012


2012 Sultan Azlan Shah Tournament

Ipohites are encouraged to watch some superb hockey actions at the 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Tournament at the Stadium Azlan Shah.

The teams from the top Malaysia, Korea and Great Britain

The tournament, which started on Thursday, May 24 and ends on Sunday, June 3 started off remarkably with Malaysia drawing 1-1with Korea. The match thrilled the 7000-odd hockey fans who gave their tacit approval.

Malaysia (in yellow) in action. (r) Malaysian goalkeeper S.Kumar receiving the 'Man of the Match' award.

If you thought Malaysia’s first day draw was a pleasant surprise you would have been thrilled to bits when Malaysia again drew 3-3 with World No 4, Great Britain the following day.

Malaysia's 1st goal against Britain at the 9th minute

Malaysia’s first goal was scored by Azlan Misron in the 9th minute. The score drew level at 1-1 and by half time, the Brits had stretched their lead to 3-1.
The savior of the match was, undoubtedly, Faizal Saari who squared-off with two reverse hits in the 67th and 68 minutes to earn the home team a well-deserved draw. Malaysia is now known as the “draw specialists”.

(l) Royal presence: HRH Sultan Azlan Shah (r) having a word with Malaysian coaches Nor Saiful and Tai Beng Hai

Coach Tai Beng Hai is pleased with the results. “However, I am elated by our junior players who have adapted well,” he exclaimed.
Saturday, May 26 is a rest day. Malaysia next play India on Monday at 8.05pm.
New Zealand is leading the table with 6 points having beaten Argentina 5-1 and India also by the same margin. Malaysia, with two points, is in fourth position.

Haven Needs Your Vote


haven, ipoh properties, lakeside condominiumsAsia is now the wealth hot spot and will become one of the most influential growth economies in the world. Wealth in India and China, according to the Boston Consulting Group’s Wealth Report 2011, will increase at an annual compound rate of 18 and 14 per cent respectively beginning 2010 to 1015. Therefore, Southeast Asia is where all the action is. The real estate market in this region has outperformed the rest of the world with money flowing from Europe, Middle East and America.

Developers here are rising to the challenge offering luxury properties for discerning high-net worth investors. And one of them is right here in Ipoh. The iconic RM300-million The Haven Lakeside Residences, three 26-storey tower luxury condominiums developed by Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd, is set to take Perak to great heights.

“A vote for The Haven is a vote for Perak,” said Peter Chan, CEO of Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd at a media conference recently. Peter beckons Ipohites to help realise this aim by voting his landmark project for the South East Property Awards. “Winning the award will be your way of ensuring Perak’s permanence on the global real-estate map,” he remarked.

Ipohites you have until Friday, May 25 to do your part for the state. Go to this website and register your vote:


Hockey: Indian Team Rides the ETS


The Indian National Hockey team arrived in Ipoh via the KTMB’s Electric Train Service (ETS) on Monday  at 4.16pm. The team had flown in from India earlier that morning.

Dato Abdul Rahim (8th from left) on the platform to welcome the team

On the platform to greet them was Perak Hockey Association President Dato Abdul Rahim Mohd Ariff . They were then transported to the Impiana Hotel.

(L.Photo) Team Physician Nayak taking the bus to the hotel

Regarding the train ride, Colonel BK Nayak, the Indian team Physician said ‘it was relaxing’.

The Indian Team at training the next morning

The team was seen the next morning at Stadium SAS doing their training practice.


Hockey: Sultan Azlan Shah Tournament 2012


The 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament which starts on May 24 and ends on June 3 will be a power packed event.

A total of 7 teams are participating, of which 6 have qualified to play for the 2012 London Olympics in July. The seven teams are Great Britain (ranked 4th), Korea (6th), New Zealand (7th), Pakistan (8th), Argentina (9th), India (10th) and Malaysia (13th).


Host Malaysia are the only non-qualifier. All games will be held at the Stadium Sultan Azlan Shah, Ipoh.

Stadium Sultan Azlan Shah. Upgraded

New Zealand (Black Sticks) was the first team to check in on Friday, May 18.

Black Stick's vs Malaysia friendly

It played a practice match with Malaysia on Sunday evening beating the host 4-2.

Getting the goals

It is scheduled to have another warm-up match with Great Britain before the start of the tournament.

According to Perak Hockey Association President, Dato’ Abdul Rahim Mohd Ariff, the annual tournament is an international invitational tournament where participating countries are required to send only their A team.

Dato Rahim (centre) with his orgamising committee on Monday

The headcount for the seven teams comes to over 200 players and officials. They will be staying at the Impiana Hotel, Ipoh for two weeks. A spokesman for the hotel confirmed they were “fully booked” for the duration of the tournament.

Besides the teams, media personnel too will require accommodation. SAS Media Officer, Satvant Singh said that due to Olympic-qualifier teams’ presence in the tournament more foreign media will be in town. “Usually there’re 8 but this year there’ll be over 20.”

The new Astro Turf in blue and pink colour

Facilities at Stadium Sultan Azlan Shah are ready. The upgrades at the stadium included the change of the astro turf from green to blue and pink, the same as will be used at the Olympics.  Additionally, a yellow hockey ball will be used instead of the usual white ball. All of these changes in colours will make the game more television friendly.

Stadium Sultan Azlan Shah. Upgraded

Another upgrade has been the covered spectators’ stand opposite of the grandstand.

“The total cost of all the upgrades is RM3 million,” said Rahim, who along with officials from JKR were at the stadium on Monday morning, giving the place the once over.

The tournament, which is being held during the 2 week school holiday beginning May 25 will also feature the National Indoor Hockey Tournament to be held at Stadium Indera Mulia from June 1-3.

Nineteen teams from throughout the country will be participating in the indoor tournament, seven of which are female teams.

The Asian Hockey Confederation will conduct hockey clinics at this time. Over 55 participants from several Asian countries have confirmed their attendance.

To take advantage of the huge number of visitors in town, Tourism Malaysia State Director Norshamsida Abdul Rahman, will provide  a mobile tourist information counter at the Stadium from May 28-31.

With so many activities taking place during the duration of the tournament, this year’s event could turn out to be the best ever held.


Hampers for Orphans


ipoh echo issue 143, Ipoh City Council Workers’ Cooperative (Koperasi Perkerja MBI)Ipoh City Council Workers’ Cooperative (Koperasi Perkerja MBI) entertained 122 orphans from three local orphanages to lunch at the Dulang Coffee House, Excelsior Hotel, Ipoh recently. The event was hosted by members of the cooperative led by its Chairman, Ahmad Zahar Abdul Wahab. “It’s our way of contributing to society,” said Wahab to Ipoh Echo. “It’s an annual event which we have pursued with much fervour,” he added. The 122 orphans were from Badan Khdimat Islam Perak, Asrama Taman Meru Raya and Asrama Manjoi. Each received a hamper consisting of goodies from Ahmad Zahar. The invitees treated themselves to a sumptuous spread before returning home.


Living Hope to Sponsor 90 Ipoh Children


Living Hope Malaysia, a CSR initiative founded by Ipoh-born philanthropist Dr Peggy Chan Wong, has targeted to sponsor 90 Ipoh children this year as part of its ongoing “One Egg – One Child” feeding programme.

ipoh echo issue 143, Living Hope Malaysia, Dr Peggy Chan WongThe announcement was made by Chan during a cheque presentation ceremony at SJK (C) Pasir Pinji 2 to cover the cost of the programme to provide lunch for 30 children initially from April 2012 to April 2013.

Living Hope’s “1 Egg – 1 Child” feeding programme provides one meal per school day to children from hardcore poor families. According to Chan the children have to stay in school till 4.00 p.m. for tuition and remedial classes and this programme helps students to concentrate on their studies with a full stomach.

Dr Peggy Chan Wong spreading hope to children

For Chan, her belief is that education is the only way out of the vicious cycle of poverty. To achieve the goals of its vision she “match-makes as go-between the corporate rich, whom she describes as her ‘Partners in Charity’ and the poor”. Since its inception in July 2007 it has assisted over 29,800 children through its various programmes.

Mdm Khoo Oi Ling, the headmistress for SJK (C) Pasir Pinji 2 thanked Chan for assisting the children adding that “it was greatly appreciated by the whole school”.

Meanwhile, Chan with assistance from Khoo, has already identified another two Ipoh schools to benefit from the feeding programme and the disbursement will be held later in the year.


Stall Occupying Pedestrian Walkway


ipoh echo issue 143, eating stall obstructionIn NST’s Streets Northern (April 26, 2012), there was a news item of MBI demolishing stalls in Kampung Pengkalan Pegoh for occupying state land.

Abdul Halim Saad, Director, MBI Licensing and Enforcement Department was quoted as saying that the stalls were demolished because they were located at a dangerous spot along a busy road.

After reading this news, a number of readers called about a stall which is occupying the pedestrian walkway at the junction of Jalan Tingkat Pasar and Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar. This is a very busy road and buses use the right side of the road next to the stall to turn into Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar. It is not safe for pedestrians to walk on the road. This stall has been there for a long time. Can Abdul Halim justify why he is allowing this stall to operate, instead of demolishing it?

A. Jeyaraj

Accolades for Pak Yop


ipoh echo issue 143, Azmi Zulkifli, Tokoh Seni Negeri Perak, literary laureateAzmi Zulkifli, better known as Pak Yop, was duly recognised for his literary achievements at a special ceremony held at the auditorium of the Perak Arts and Culture Complex, Ipoh recently. The evening event was graced by the Executive Councillor for Arts, Sports and Culture Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Faharuddin who officiated at the ceremony. Pak Yop was named “Tokoh Seni Negeri Perak 2012”. He received a token of appreciation for his contributions to the enhancement of arts in Perak. Azmi is a prolific writer who has penned several short stories and plays for the local theatres. He holds pivotal positions in many non-governmental organisations in the state. Incidentally, Azmi is the Chairman of Badan Kebudayaan Perak, a body dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Perak. He is also an active businessman, being a committee member of the Kinta Petty Traders’ Association. The evening started with a video introduction of Pak Yop followed by the presentation of a memento by Dato’ Zainol Fadzi. Subsequently, it was Pak Yop’s turn to deliver his acceptance speech and he did with panache. The ceremony ended on a cheery note with songs and dances performed by the Department of Arts and Culture troupe.


ipoh echo issue 143, musings on food, see foon chan-koppen, ipoh chinese food

SeeFoon discovers an oldie but goodie


See Foon Chan-KoppenMusings on Food

By See Foon Chan-Koppen

ipoh echo issue 143, musings on food, see foon chan-koppen, ipoh chinese foodipoh echo issue 143, musings on food, see foon chan-koppen, ipoh chinese foodipoh echo issue 143, musings on food, see foon chan-koppen, ipoh chinese foodipoh echo issue 143, musings on food, see foon chan-koppen, ipoh chinese foodIpoh Garden South is one of my favourite haunts, whether it’s a trip to Kuku Spa for my manicure and pedicure, or a bowl of pork soup at Cong Yin or my occasional yearning for something vegetarian like the Lui Cha at Chor Kee. And many a time I have driven past Yam Yam with its sign saying Restoran Makanan Laut and not once have I considered checking it out until my peripatetic foodie friend Ginla Foo invited me and a group of friends for dinner one evening.

Yam Yam is an unassuming coffee shop with a bright yellow sign that you cannot  miss  especially at night when it is all lit up. Basic though it may be, on that evening they did put up a red tablecloth for us (thanks to Ginla). And to my surprise and delight, their menu is extensive, ranging from the simple home-cooking that many of us with Cantonese backgrounds grew up with to the delectable fresh-caught river fish, a specialty that requires good connections to local fishermen or suppliers as these are hard to come by – especially a fresh-caught Sultan Fish or Jelawat which was on the menu that evening.

Sultan Fish can be wild or cultivated and this particular one that we had was wild which made it even more of a treat as it is one of my favourite local fish and rarely available. It arrived steamed to perfection, complete with scales which help to keep the flesh moist and succulent during the steaming process. Sultan Fish is known for its fat content particularly around the collar and stomach and many folks avoid it for this reason, for reasons of weight gain. As for me, I tucked in with relish for the natural Omega 3s which is an oil that maintains heart health and lowers triglycerides. At RM130 per kilo, this is not a fish that one eats every day, but this one was well worth every gram that we paid for it, weighing in at 1.2kgs – RM156.

The Fried Mantis Prawns were shelled, in bite sized morsels, with a crispy cereal batter topped with tendrils of fried milk. Crunchy, sweetish and scrumptious – RM16.

Next we had Steamed Frogs Legs in Essence of Chicken, the frogs legs tender and juicy with the essence of chicken imparting its flavour to the otherwise bland meat. For those who like their food ‘Tsing’, (Cantonese expression for light taste as opposed to pungent or robust), this is the purest way to eat frogs legs – RM33.

Chicken in Chinese Rice Wine was sweet and as my readers know by now, I’m not partial to sweet savoury dishes but my friends at the table enjoyed it and vouched for its superiority – RM24.

The lamb braised with ginger, water chestnuts, bean curd sheet and snow peas was more appealing to my tastebuds; robust and well coated with sauce that goes well with white rice – RM15.

The next two dishes though were right up my alley, tickling my tastebuds and bringing back childhood nostalgia for dishes at grandmother’s kitchen. The ‘Tsang Cheong’ (pig’s fallopian tubes) sautéed with dried prawns and chillies was just the way I like it…the meat springy with a nice bite, the dried prawns lending their inimitable aroma and the chillies providing the necessary oomph to the dish – RM12.

This was followed by one of my favourite childhood dishes, the steamed meat paste done Hakka style with dried squid and dried prawns. Absolutely delectable and merits a revisit – RM16.

Other signature dishes here at Yam Yam which we didn’t get to taste include their ‘Wat Dan Hor’ (smooth egg rice noodles) – RM 5.50 and their Salt Baked chicken. Half – RM23; whole – RM45.

With food this tasty I’ve promised myself a revisit.

Restoran Makanan Laut Yam Yam
9 Lebuh Raya, Taman Ipoh Selatan. Hoe Chee Wah: 012-5651510
Open 10.30 a.m – 3.00 p.m.;  5.00-10.30 p.m.
Closed Mon/Tues