A Second Lease of Life


An elderly couple nearly lost their lives during the recent floods in Kuala Dipang, Kampar the result of an unusually heavy downpour which caused the nearby Sungai Dipang to overflow its banks. Osman Ibrahim and his wife Azmah Embok, both in their 90s, escaped in the nick of time before flood waters enveloped their house.

The sight of their humble dwelling being swept away by the swirling current was too much for the frail lady. In between sobs she recalled the chilling tragedy. “It happened so fast. I saw the surge and suddenly my house was swept away. It broke into two pieces. My husband and I could only watch in disbelief,” she told Ipoh Echo. Her husband, traumatised by the incident, said little. Their village had been hit by floods before but was never on such a scale. The April 11 flood was the worse ever, said Azmah. Besides the grieving couple’s house, a number of other houses were similarly affected but could be recovered. Fortunately, no lives were lost. Hamidah Ishak, 53, recalled her eerie experience. “It was raining cats and dogs early in the morning. I heard sounds of gushing water. I peeked into the night and to my horror saw the whole village inundated.” She immediately alerted her neighbours and ran out of her house. Her neighbours followed suit. “We were lucky to be alive.” Hamidah’s car was damaged beyond repair.

Members of Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan’s (YBU) elite squad, upon hearing the news, rushed to the scene. They immediately set about saving the lives and properties of the villagers. They set up a relief centre and dispensed aid in the form of food parcels to the victims.

The following morning CEO Dato’ Zainal Abiddin Omar dropped by the village to survey the situation. “The condition of the ground is not yet suitable for recovery works to begin,” he said. “We’ll wait till the ground is dry before proceeding. However, it will take at least a couple of months to restore the village to its original status.”

Rosli Mansor

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