Police Day Gotong Royong


In conjunction with the 206th Police Day celebration recently, police personnel from Ipoh District descended on Kampung Kepayang to help the villagers clean-up their backyard. Led by their chief, ACP Azisman Alias, they started by clearing clogged drains, cutting down aged trees, removing weeds and lalang and giving the whole kampong a once over before calling it a day. Village head, Hj Mokthar, expressed his gratitude to Azisman for the timely assistance which was long overdue. Kampung Kepayang is a village within the city limits and, therefore, should be covered by the council. Its remoteness could be the reason for the neglect. In spite of the extent of the work, the clean-up operation went on in true gotong-royong fashion with everyone chipping in to help. Once tools were down, the “workers” settled for a well-deserved home-cooked lunch. The rapport established between the police and the villagers, as a result of the gotong royong, was the ultimate objective.