1Malaysia Senior Golfers


The senior golfers at Meru Valley Golf and Country Club religiously have their morning round of golf on a regular schedule.

Late last year, in November, these ‘regular playing members’ who used to play separately “voluntarily decided to combine themselves into one entity along the lines of 1Malaysia” and call themselves the SG9 Group.

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Senior Golfers at their morning round of golf. At extreme left is Hj Abdul Hadi

The chairman of the group, Hj Abdul Hadi Hj Baharuddin, 62, highlighted that its members are aged 56 years and above, are made up of various races and come from different backgrounds.

(L) Taking score in a friendly atmosphere. (R) Driving a putt

The goal of SG9 is solely to coordinate the activities of its senior golfers in a friendly atmosphere and at the same time enhance the already good relationship amongst its members.

All its members were provided with a T-shirt embroidered with their names and a golf cap. Since its beginning the group has been organising a monthly competition complete with three prizes and a challenge trophy.

MVGCC's Senior Golfers

Currently, its membership stands at five flights but “more members are always welcome” added Hadi.