Accolades for Pak Yop


ipoh echo issue 143, Azmi Zulkifli, Tokoh Seni Negeri Perak, literary laureateAzmi Zulkifli, better known as Pak Yop, was duly recognised for his literary achievements at a special ceremony held at the auditorium of the Perak Arts and Culture Complex, Ipoh recently. The evening event was graced by the Executive Councillor for Arts, Sports and Culture Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Faharuddin who officiated at the ceremony. Pak Yop was named “Tokoh Seni Negeri Perak 2012”. He received a token of appreciation for his contributions to the enhancement of arts in Perak. Azmi is a prolific writer who has penned several short stories and plays for the local theatres. He holds pivotal positions in many non-governmental organisations in the state. Incidentally, Azmi is the Chairman of Badan Kebudayaan Perak, a body dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Perak. He is also an active businessman, being a committee member of the Kinta Petty Traders’ Association. The evening started with a video introduction of Pak Yop followed by the presentation of a memento by Dato’ Zainol Fadzi. Subsequently, it was Pak Yop’s turn to deliver his acceptance speech and he did with panache. The ceremony ended on a cheery note with songs and dances performed by the Department of Arts and Culture troupe.


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