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ipoh echo issue 143, AirAsia Travel and Service Centre ipohMayor Roshidi Hashim declared open AirAsia Travel and Service Centre at Tune Hotel, Ipoh on Wednesday, May 2. The centre will cater to travellers wishing to use AirAsia’s services available throughout the world. They include purchase of air passage and Tune Hotel reservations in cities where the hotel is found. Air fares, however, are priced as per listed daily not the promotional ones available online. “That is the underlying difference which end-users need to know beforehand,” warned a staff.

The mayor was appreciative of the move by AirAsia to establish such a centre here in the city. “This is indicative of the airline’s faith in Ipoh,” Roshidi told reporters after the launch. “Tune Hotel’s presence in the city centre will encourage economic activities. The ripple-down effect will benefit the business community in the vicinity,” he remarked.


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  1. With the opening of Airasia Travel & Service Centre and also the Tune Hotel in Ipoh, hopefully Air Asia will resume services to Ipoh Airport soon. Over to you Air Asia.

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