Co-operate with Police


ipoh echo issue 143, ipoh crime“Apathy is the reason why criminals go scot-free,” said Dato’ Hamidah Osman, Senior Executive Councillor and Adun for Sungai Rapat. She said this to reporters when met during her walkabout in Taman Seri Rapat recently. Hamidah was prompted to make the visit after receiving complaints about burglary, snatch and petty thefts from residents who are her constituents. Criminal activities have been rampant and have escalated of late. Hamidah attributed the cause to apathy and poor communication between residents and the Police.

“The reluctance on the part of the residents to report incidence of a criminal nature to the Police is baffling,” she said. This was confirmed by the police officer from Gunung Rapat Police Station who accompanied her that day. “Residents have to be proactive. The Police are there to help, not otherwise,” she chided.

A resident-action committee will be formed soon to undertake the responsibility of establishing rapport with the local police. Roziah Yeop, 63, recalled the time when she saw her sister being dragged after her handbag was snatched by two unidentified men on a motorbike. “It was a most harrowing experience,” she remarked.