Stall Occupying Pedestrian Walkway


ipoh echo issue 143, eating stall obstructionIn NST’s Streets Northern (April 26, 2012), there was a news item of MBI demolishing stalls in Kampung Pengkalan Pegoh for occupying state land.

Abdul Halim Saad, Director, MBI Licensing and Enforcement Department was quoted as saying that the stalls were demolished because they were located at a dangerous spot along a busy road.

After reading this news, a number of readers called about a stall which is occupying the pedestrian walkway at the junction of Jalan Tingkat Pasar and Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar. This is a very busy road and buses use the right side of the road next to the stall to turn into Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar. It is not safe for pedestrians to walk on the road. This stall has been there for a long time. Can Abdul Halim justify why he is allowing this stall to operate, instead of demolishing it?

A. Jeyaraj

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4 thoughts on “Stall Occupying Pedestrian Walkway

  1. This particular stall is the proof that MBI is practising double standards when it comes to executing its duties.

    This stall owner can at any given time easily rent or even purchase new premises for his business as he drives a Mercedes.

    He chose to be an ignorant and conducts his business there without any sense of respect of the law and the safety of the public.

    MBI moves at the speed of lightning reaching my house whenever I delayed any payments concerning MBI.

    I hope the stall could be demolished and the owner fined and offered a new stall in a much more condusive place to operate his business.

    Whatever accord that they (MBI and Owner) had reached to, should be kept at the highest level of confidentiality, because we(Ipohites) do not want to witness “BUTT DANCING ” in front the MBI building by our World’s Best ” Elite SEAL Squad ” Retired Army Veterans.

    May God Bless Our Beautiful Country. Thank you.

  2. MBI becomes one-eyed Jack with certain stalls, just like the ones at Polo Padang.

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