MBI Full-Board Meeting June 4

Some pertinent points discussed at the council full-board meeting on Monday, June 4.
Payment of Assessment Waived on Conditions
Owners of commercial shop lots in Ipoh (Old and New Town) are encouraged to maintain the facades of their buildings and keep them clean and neatly painted.
In return for their efforts, MBI (on directions by Perak Menter Besar) will waive the assessment of such premises.
The MB gave this instruction during his cycling programme on Sunday, June 3. He and his entourage cycled through the town up to Pengkalan Pegoh.
Along the way he planted five trees, one of which was at the Birch Memorial Tower. He commented that the Tower and the surrounding buildings blended architecturally and directed the council to encourage owners of commercial units to maintain the facades of their units and portray the image that should be associated with Ipoh.
Mayor Roshidi stated that the Directors of the Landscape, Engineering and Building Division have prepared a working paper.
Ipoh Padang Needs Repair
Ipoh Padang needs repair to get it back to its former glory. The east and west ends of the field get water logged whenever it rains. Certain parts of the field are uneven.
The primary cause is due to the drainage infrastructure which was damaged a few years ago when heavy equipment entered the field.
Maintenance work identified is subsoil dressing and re-grading. The mayor said that presently the council did not have any allocation for repair work to be done.
Perak Cricket Association
The Perak Cricket Association has requested for the return of its pitching area and practice nets located at the section close by the pavilion at Ipoh Padang . The pavilion is next to the MBI store.
Perak Cricket Association President, Mohammed Iqbal Ali confirmed this when contacted. The association, he said has no place to practice and to hold competitions.
Jaga Kereta Menace
Illegal parking attendants (jaga kereta) are a becoming menace in Ipoh Garden East especially near outlets behind Jaya Jusco. They demand parking fees of RM2-RM5. This was highlighted by media representatives during the Q and A session. The council, according to the mayor, is working closely with the Police and plans on building a beat base in the vicinity.

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