Are You Safe From Eye Injuries?

Dr S S Gill, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Hospital Fatimah Ipoh
Dr S S Gill, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Eye Health

Ipoh Echo’s Eye Health series continues with Consultant Eye Surgeon Dr. S.S. Gill talking to us about Preventing Eye Injuries.

Whether you realise it or not, we are all exposed to the dangers of eye injury. It is interesting to note that it always seems that there is a feeling of being safe in one’s own home but yet almost 20 to 30 percent of all eye injuries occur in and around the home. Not surprisingly of course is the fact that the other major cause of preventable ocular injuries that occur in Malaysia are either work-related trauma or motor vehicle accidents.

Madam A was looking after her two-year-old child when the child ran towards her. The child’s eye was accidentally injured by the long finger nail of Madam A. The child had to undergo one week of eye treatment following that. 

Dr S.S. Gill - ipoh ophthalmologist - hospital fatimah ipohA 30-year-old man was hammering a nail into the wall when a chip of the nail broke off and entered the eye. It took three major eye operations to restore his vision.

Mr T who was doing gardening had bent down to pick up a weed when a thorn of a bush pierced his eye. He had to endure months of treatment following that.

A 5-year-old girl poked her eye with a pair of scissors and suffered bleeding in the eye that required emergency treatment and months of follow-up eye care. She underwent two eye surgeries following that in order to restore her eyesight.

Ms L was washing her new car when the upturned wiper blade poked her eye. She had to undergo eye surgery along with a plastic repair of her eyelid.

All the above are actual scenarios of patients who had suffered trauma to the eye.

Any injury to the eye especially if severe, runs the risk of permanent visual loss or blindness and more so if left untreated or treated improperly. Fortunately, 90 per cent of all eye injuries can be prevented. Prevention is a matter of learning the common causes of injury and how to protect your eyes – whether at home, at work or at play.

When having children at home:

Watch out for the seemingly innocent things around the home that can injure you or your child’s eyes. Here are some pointers: 

Don’t give babies and small children any toys with sharp edges. Some toys that can hurt the eyes include missile-type toys, toys with hard edges or detachable parts, slingshots, BB guns and other projectile toy guns.

Be sure toys are safe and appropriate for a child’s age and ability.

Don’t ever let kids play with fireworks without supervision.

Many eye injuries to children occur during rough play, such as wrestling or throwing things at each other. Always discourage this.

Avoid keeping long finger nails when you are caring for your children.

Pad sharp edges of tables with cushion pads. These sharp edges are potential sources of eye injury should a running child strike them.

Should you or your child suffer from an eye injury, be sure to seek medical attention early in order to prevent any permanent visual loss. Take all precautions seriously – don’t become a statistic of eye injury.

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  1. sir, before a week a small stone hit on my eye. Due to this bleeding inside my eye and blod deposited there due to that problem in vision. . Howmuch days will take to remove blod from there or do u have solution for remove blod from my eye?

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