Birthday Friends


What happens when two friends share the same birth date? Well another friend throws them a birthday party for them.

Sharmini and Rahman addressing Yap (seated in the foreground) and friends

That is what happened when Dato’ Sheikh Abdul Rahman, 90, the former State Legal Adviser and  Sharmini Tiruchelvam’s (age unable to be disclosed) birthdays came around, their common friend and philanthropist Dato’ Yap Lin Sen threw them a birthday party at his sprawling home.

It was a lovely evening made complete with old and close friends and a live band thrown in too.

Dato’ Dr Majumder, Tan Sri Jeyaratnam, former Judge N.H. Chan and so many more Ipohites were there to share in the relaxing event where even Datin Janet Yeoh rendered a song during the night. But then isn’t that what friends are for.