Has Ipoh Lost its Ability to Learn?


Ipoh girlby Joanna Gough

Has anyone wondered why Ipoh is so Boring?

When I came home, I assumed that yeah, Ipoh has a Social Fabric. The type of social fabric built by an elite socialite society of doing things a certain way. That politeness and having people be comfortable around you opened all doors. That our conservative society is all about helping people and upholding moral values, being courteous, responsible, continuous, consistent – SOLID. And unless you’re exactly like that, and can socialise uberly well, Ipoh will be Boring.

But this Social Fabric is Old

It was like this in my grandmother’s time of the 1930s, also in my parents time of the 1960s, and now in my generation of the 21st Century. As the usual saying goes, IPOH: Nothing ever changes here.

It’s great that we focus our time on family, friends and the “littler things in life that matter” BUT we have been so preoccupied with our own socialising world of Family and Friends that we have made it the Most Important. It’s now So Important that we have built ourselves into an egocentric society.

Ego centrism is when one is overly pre-occupied with one’s own internal world. Egocentrics regard oneself and one’s own opinions or interests as most important or valid self relevant information (Windschiti, Rose, Stlkafleet & Smith 2005).

For most people, we have put ourselves into worlds where we generate the inability to fully understand or cope with facts and opinions beyond the fact that reality Can be different from what we are ready to accept.

This is where, for most of us, we have stopped thinking and being connected. And that is why Ipoh is Boring.

As the world moves forward, with the evolution of the Internet…. for IPOH : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are the same throughout the year. If we’re lucky, our Saturdays are a little more exciting than our Sundays.

In organizations, we still have the hierarchical, my boss is right and has the right of say. Email is still not as important as face to face, no one has ever heard of the Productivity of Silent meetings being more productive than real live conferences and in these workplaces, democracy and listening and initiating employees’ ideas for a better working environment are still non existent.

The workplace, where we spend at least 20-30 years of our lives – should be the most connected. It should be where we experience the most wonderful times and the most intriguing moments of living and where we discover new ideas, and mature in skill and knowledge. This workplace  thus becomes a way of living, rather than just that place to go to, to make money.

As we all know, Ipoh is slow. Everything takes forever to get done. And this is always a human problem. There is no glitch in the system. There is never a glitch in the system, it’s always someone who has lost the connection and challenge to go on living.

Here’s a few HowTo’ tips to get you started:

Always believe that possibilities are at your fingertips. Google everything.

Get an idea, any idea that intrigues you. Do it…
(sorry, but there are no more original ideas anymore. Don’t worry about it not being original, just make it better than everything else).

Study the idea from similar cases around the world (Keep Googling, Google is a good teacher. Teaches you lots and lots from the world. STUDY!!! THINK!! LEARN!!!).

Innovate. The idea is just the idea – strategise the execution.

Connect with your community (find an interest group and hang out).

Pitch to your community leaders. (If you don’t know who they are? Email Ipoh Echo [today, not tomorrow] to get connected to people).

Grow. (Grab your boss – Bring your family and children along with you and learn together. Make them a part of your team.)

Never give up. (Challenges will pop up. But don’t fret; every time you get stuck, talk to someone emphathetic; or go back to number 6 and contact Ipoh Echo).

Figure out why communication levels in your company are so slow and inefficient.  Fix It. How to increase productivity levels with fewer people. Is there a better way to making that pasta dish in your restaurant? Why is Louis Vuitton so popular and the dress you just made is not known?

Figure out: Why is Ipoh so BORING?

You spend 8 to 10 hours a day working. For xxx days of the year, for 20 years of your life. Make something of work that is worth living for. Something that when you die, you’d be proud that you have lived the life you’re living now.

Joanna Gough is an Ipoh girl. She has ambitions to build the next generation of Thinkers. She plans to turn the city of Ipoh into a World of Possibilities’ by the year 2014.

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4 thoughts on “Has Ipoh Lost its Ability to Learn?

  1. It has to changed the culture,mind set & adaption to new communication way.

    Ipoh is a good place to stay & enjoy some good food but not when I was posted here in year 2000. Some of them are catching the bad habits which is not call for.

    In terms of living culture & working life, old habits never die but I believe those younger generation or those who have gone to a bigger cities are very much different as they accept reality in life.

    There must have good changes as spending power is low, driving on the road attitude is bad, be less sensitive towards human comment & many more to list.

    Acceptance & willingness to change for a better does not harm but a good improvement towards our daily rather than having the same old routine year after year.

    We should live life to the more meaningful & fruitful as I also understand most of them are contended with their daily life & earnings.

    Don’t forget Ipoh had the most number of Mercedes Benz passenger vehicle in the world outside Germany in the 60’s, Ipoh was awarded the Mercedes logo as you enter the town once upon a time gunung rapat.

  2. this awakening article sure can awaken even the dead. but dont think so much. i dont find ipoh boring. i love ipoh. ipoh is a happy place. maybe some people is ipoh are not so. anyone can make life interesting being alone too. u dont need to be connected with people all the time. nothing to do with egocentrism. i’m proud of the life i’ve lived so long and would appreciate more years to come by. Cheers !!!

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