In The Name of My Father’s Estate (Episode 6)


Rockwills - wills and trusts - ipoh estate planningBy Peter Lee

After the meeting with Connie, Dave phoned John and said, “I have met up with Connie and she wants to be one of the Administrators in your father’s estate. John’s response was “I think my family is not going to be happy with this!” Dave then said, “I understand your family’s position but based on the fact that she and her children are entitled to a portion of your father’s estate, I think your family would have to consent to her appointment. Otherwise, she would most likely disagree with the appointment of you and your sister, Michelle to be the administrators.” John then asked, “do we have another choice or can we maybe offer her something attractive so that she will back off?” Dave replied, “John, by the looks of it, she is eager to claim her own family’s entitlement to your father’s entire estate in which the assets and value needs to be ascertained with the co-operation of all family members. So, I suggest that you have a word with your family because the appointment of Administrator is crucial to kick start the application for Letter of Administration (L.A.). Futhermore, I need to highlight that once this is done, your family and your father’s second family would have to list down all of his assets and their value which must be attached to the application for L.A. This can be a tedious process.” “Okay! I will speak to my family,” said John.

After two days, John contacted Dave and said “Whew ! It was not easy  explaining to my mum and siblings for the last two days but I think we have no choice but to consent to the appointment of Connie as the joint Administrator. The other thing is, my family would like to have a meeting with Connie and her children.” Dave replied “This is what I am going to suggest next because I have to brief everyone before I start applying for the L.A.” After a week, the meeting of all family members with Dave took place in Dave’s office. When John, his mum and siblings stepped into the meeting room, Connie and her three children were already waiting with Dave. Dave stood up and said, “come, everyone please sit down.” When everyone sat down  both sides of the family looked at each other in silence, unsure whether to greet one another. Dave stepped in and introduced both sides of the family to each other. Thereafter, he said “now I have more or less explained briefly to all the procedure for applying for the L.A. in our previous meeting. So, the first thing I need is the consensus of everyone here that the Administrators of Lee senior’s estate will be John, Michelle and Connie before I start my paper work.” After a few minutes of silence everyone agreed to it. Then, Mrs Patricia Lee asked, “Dave, since I am one of the Guarantors of my husband’s estate, then who will be the other Guarantor?”  Dave replied “Connie informed  me just now that she will be the other Guarantor. Is that okay with you?” “Well, if it’s acceptable by the courts then I rest my case,” replied Patricia while glaring at Connie.

To be continued

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