MBI takes action on unkempt vacant land


Ipoh city Council - MBIIpoh city Council - MBII often hear complaints from residents that no action is taken by MBI on owners of unkempt vacant land near their houses. Their main fear is of snakes and other reptiles living there. Frequently the excuse given by MBI for not taking action is that they cannot locate the owner.

However recently, the agent who looks after a large plot of vacant land adjacent to Lorong Pari, said that the owners were summoned by MBI to clean up the place which is overgrown with weeds and plants. I told the tractor driver not to bull doze the mature trees. Many birds nest on the trees and it is home to wild fowl. The  place has been cleared. MBI does take action; but it is slow and selective.

Meanwhile, MBI must provide written guidelines on clearing of vacant land to ensure that mature trees are not cut and reptiles and other animals living there are not killed. The land cleared is next to the river and there are snakes, iguanas and monitor lizards. These must be caught and released in a safe area. This must be the responsibility of MBI. We must not forget that all animals have the right to live and their habitats must not be indiscriminately destroyed.

A. Jeyaraj

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  1. Not being able to locate the owner of the vacant property is a very lame excuse. Does Ipoh not have an annual property tax? if the Tax bill can be sent out for the owner to pay, warning letter and subsequent fine letters can be done the same way. If there are no action done by the owners after repeated warning/fines, the property should be confiscated.

    Property owners have the responsibility to keep the safety and beauty of the site. It is to ensure the value of the neighborhood is not affected, not to mention the safety itself.

    Wake up Ipoh. The city council should not be making childish excuses for the mature citizens. If they cannot or care to do the job, other capable people will be happy to.

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