Abdul Kareem - perak artist

The World Through My Eyes: Paintings by Abdul Kareem


Abdul Kareem - perak artist

Abdul Kareem - perak artist

This art exhibition is 18-year-old Abdul Kareem’s first solo show. It will showcase some 100 paintings completed in the past six years. Kareem will be exhibiting sketches, drawings, paintings, statues, sculptures and Chinese brush paintings to demonstrate the different mediums of artwork, inspired mainly by the artist’s surroundings and local community. Kareem’s unique approach to art negotiates a balance between classic and modern western techniques with traditional Chinese ink technique; a style that is unique with a seamless blend of the East and West without each technique losing its fundamental flavour.

On view from July 7 and 8 between 10 am to 7pm, at Garden Villa, Ipoh.

Abdul Kareem - perak artist
Abdul Kareem

About the Artist:

Abdul Kareem b. Jaafar Azzuddin was born in Ipoh and completed his Form 5 at Tenby Schools Ipoh. He will be 18 years old this year. Art has been a consistent passion in his life, beginning with drawing and sketching at age five, and progressing to Chinese art at age nine. Kareem aspires to pursue a degree in fine arts and is currently awaiting placement to begin his studies.

In The World Through My Eyes, Kareem hopes to contribute towards the 1 Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival (MCAT), an effort initiated by Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen, which is a platform to promote the development of local young artists. Furthermore, as a Perakean and an aspiring young artist, he considers this initiative as his personal contribution to the Visit Perak Year 2012, which aims to promote Perak’s heritage history and natural beauty.

Through this art exhibition Kareem also hopes to encourage young Perakians to recognise and experience the aesthetics of art and how it can give wings to creativity.

Contact: Su Ming Ng (suming@streamyx.com) for details.