Plight of a Distraught Mother


Tan Say Moy, Lim Tee Keah, Kinta Welfare DepartmentTan Say Moy, 62, is in dire straits. With a bedridden husband and a mentally-handicapped daughter to care for, she is practically immobilised. Her dreams of making good her hawking business are shattered now that she has to attend the her family’s needs.

Husband, Lim Tee Keah, 68, suffers from gout. The pains in the joints prevent him from moving about freely. Thus his erstwhile fried noodle business has come to a standstill. Their Down-Syndrome daughter requires constant attention, something which the couple could ill afford, considering their predicament.

“Ever since my husband became bedridden, we’ve not been able to operate our stall, as I’ve to stay at home and take care of him,” she said in between tears. Their 28-year old son in Cameron Highlands is in no better shape. A nasty car accident many years ago has made him incapable of doing strenuous jobs. “He earns just enough to keep him alive.”

Tan’s family is forced to live on one meal a day. She has to scrimp to save enough for her husband’s medical bills.

“Although we’re one of the first households in Bercham to receive the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia RM500 aid in February, the money has since been used up to buy household necessities,” she lamented.

Bercham Barisan Nasional coordinator, Lim Huey Shan and Kinta Welfare Department assistant officer, Choy Yoke Chun visited Tan at her house recently. After listening to her plight, they handed over groceries donated by Yayasan Bina Upaya Perak.

Choy will help Tan apply for an Orang Kurang Upaya card from the welfare department for her daughter. “The card will entitle her to a monthly stipend of RM150 for the daughter. And since she’s caring for her bedridden husband, she’s entitled for an additional cash aid of RM300,” said Choy.

Readers interested in helping the family in their moment of need, can do so by depositing money into Tan’s Bank Simpanan Nasional saving account. The number is 08243-41-000031548.