Hospital Fatimah Takes Measures to Improve Traffic Congestion


Hospital Fatimah IpohFollowing a letter from a resident published on June 1 (IE Issue 144), Hospital Fatimah is taking measures to improve the congestion of traffic around its neighbourhood caused by the increasing number of patients to the Hospital and the limited parking lots within its grounds. In a letter addressed to neighbourhood residents, the Hospital stated that, although it has no control over where  patients park their cars outside the Hospital, it is taking steps to address the issue by:

  1. Intensifying efforts to construct more car parks within the Hospital grounds.
  2. Implementing carpooling and back-to-back parking for staff cars.
  3. Surveying the neighbourhood during peak hours for cars parked haphazardly and announcing through its public address system, advising patients to remove their cars (much like what is done in shopping malls).

Much like the other private hospitals in Ipoh, Hospital Fatimah shows that it has recognised and borne the responsibility of improving the parking situation.

Another major parking problem is at the Hospital Tuanku Bainun (General Hospital). It is hoped that the management of the General Hospital are taking similar measures to alleviate their patients’ parking problems.


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