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Ho Hsieh Hsiung, Discover Perak mobile tourism applicationA presentation on mobile tourism application, referred to as Discover Perak was held at the Perak Secretariat Building recently. The presentation was done by Ho Hsieh Hsiung, K-Perak Incorporated Head of IT services. Executive Councillor for Tourism, Dato’ Hamidah Osman was in attendance.

Discover Perak is a software designed for tourists to discover events, foods, historical and cultural places. It uses an application known as “augmented reality” where information is displayed in real time with the integration of Google maps to enable tourists be guided to their destinations.

Discover Perak, said Dato’ Hamidah, is set to be an effective marketing and promotional tool for tourism in Perak. The software is available for free and can be downloaded into Android phones. The official launch is expected to be held on September 16, in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

Hamidah urged hoteliers, restaurateurs and all those in the hospitality industry to send their details via email to: or for compilation. Tourism Perak will be the first to use the application.

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  1. As a tourist to Perak (I live in KL), I have seen NO signs of VPY 2012 in KL. The only signs I have seen have been in Perak itself. It seems a bit pointless having the signs in the home state, they need to be in other states, to encourage those people to visit Perak.

    Already 7 months have gone, but there seems to be so little information, apart from a few comments in Ipoh Echo.

    And now Lenggong has achieved World Heritage status, but nothing seems to have been done to attract visitors.

  2. It is 7months since Perak unveiled its Visit Perak Year 2012. As a resident in Perak, i would like to ask the tourism exco in the Govt whether they have the 7 months evaluation and reports from the campaign.

    Personally i do not think there is much to shout about and impact from the money wasting campaign.Until the authority can show the half year statistics of tourism arrivals and the revenue from the campaign i am not convinced they have achieved anything.Asked any ordinary Perakian or Ipohites they will probably go in a daze that there are such a campaign.

    Lets face reality, over the years Perak has never achieved much in the tourism industry.Because it is implemented according to the whim and fancies of the incumbent Exco of Tourism to suit his or her personal image.And most of the programs and campaigns are done on an ad hoc basis and never in a serious manner.Tourist arrivals and revenue will only be achieved after a long period of time of continuous campaigns and programs.
    There is no political will from the Chief Minister himself to make tourism an important industry in the state.

    Penang, Melaka, Sabah,Sarawak and Selangor of late are the only states that are far ahead in getting tourism serious into the state agenda.
    Perak is so far lagging in this, despite having good tourist products.

    A study was made sometime ago in 2005 that Perak should focus on 2 or 3 major products and places to see it progress well in the industry. In return for reasons best known by the policy makers and for personal egos, went into so many areas of tourism instead.And this had confused the tourists and tourist industry players.I can recall that at one time Perak had championed itself as a shopping paradise.

    Many things can be said about tourism in Perak but until such time that the State give it to the real tourism players, people with experience and expertise.Not to political yes man and little Napoleans in the Tourism Departments and agencies , Perak will remain in the tin can for many years to come.

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