Perak Koshiki Karatedo Championship 2012


Over two hundred martial art exponents converged at SJK (C) Sam Chai Ipoh, recently in a bid to become the ultimate fight champion. They represented ten different associations from Perak, Penang, Selangor and Kedah, as well as India, Indonesia and Japan, and competed with each other using their respective martial art skills, including taekwondo, karate, kickboxing and muay thai.

Perak Koshiki Karatedo AssociationPerak Koshiki Karatedo Open Championship 2012 was organised by the Perak Koshiki Karatedo Association, together with Perak Youth and Sports Department and the Perak Sports Council. It was the ninth tournament in a row.

There were a total of fourteen categories, from Boys’ Kumite Under-8 to the most exciting Men’s Kumite 63.5kg and above, which saw international participation. Although the top four participants per category walked away with only a medal each, the best two fighters from Malaysia will have a chance to compete in the karate world championships in Azerbaijan this October.

In the Men’s Kumite 63.5kg and above, Ang Yit Chiang’s Koshiki (hard contact karate) easily defeated Chan Wai Chun’s taekwondo.

Shihan Hiroshi Hisataka, the founder of Asia-Pacific Koshiki Karate-do, was once again the chief referee of the tournament, as he supported the growth and development of Koshiki Karatedo in Malaysia.


Men’s Kata Open – Lou Chan Hui
Men’s Kumite Below 63.5kg – Sim Sang Mitchell
Men’s Kumite 63.5kg & above – Ang Yit Chiang
Women’s Kata Open – Nurhafifah bt. Mohd. Dzulkiflee
Women’s Kumite Open – Joanna Tan Lee Chin.


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