Spacetoon Malaysia Co-Production Deal Sealed


Spacetoon Malaysia (Spacetoon Media Hub Sdn. Bhd) recently introduced its co-production partner, SD Entertainment of Los Angeles USA, one of the most respected companies in animation today. A deal was sealed between Spacetoon Malaysia and SD entertainment for a 52 x 11 minutes pre-school animation TV series.

The co-production agreement was concluded in a simple ceremony held at Spacetoon Malaysia’s Production House at Perak Techno Trade Center (PTTC), Meru recently. SD Entertainment, represented by Mr Paul Sabella, Executive Producer of The Pink Panther Animated and The Smurfs, together with Mr Jonathan Dern, co-founder of MGM Animation, and Mr Mhd Fayez Hajj Weiss Alsabbagh who represented Spacetoon Malaysia, signed the agreement witnessed by Board of Directors of Spacetoon Malaysia, En Saidon Puteh,  En Aziz Wok and CEO of Spacetoon Malaysia, Hajjah Sharifah Hendon AlYahya.

Spacetoon Malaysia hopes to bring more co-productions in the near future with joint venture deals with international and local companies for worldwide distribution.