Thengai Paal Appam



Indian crepe-like pancakeThengai Paal Appam, or popularly known as just ‘Appam’, is a lovely crepe-like pancake made from fermented rice and coconut milk , and eaten dipped in delicious coconut milk. Its white puffed up centre is soft and tender whilst the lacy sides are brown and crisp. This breakfast favourite is best eaten warm when it’s just made. (Taking it away will lose its best attributes.) Penang has always been associated with having the best Appam (amongst other things), but Ipoh can also hold its own.

Try these:

Canning Garden Market
Lovely soft centre with crisp sides; santan has just the right amount of sweetness
Opens at 8am except Mondays – 70 sen.

Restoran Bukit Merah
119 Jalan Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh Garden.
Recommended by a Penangite. The big centre is tender, while the sides are crispy; the coconut milk may be a tad too sweet for some. Available from 7am – best go by 9am to avoid disappointment – RM1.

Simpang Pulai Restaurant & Catering
808/810 Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah (Jalan Gopeng), Taman Chandan Desa, Simpang Pulai
‘Homemade’ taste and texture. Open every day but closes one Sunday a month – RM1.

Restoran NS Curry House
Maxwell Road
Crispy sides with soft centre. Available from 6.30am. Closes Sundays – RM1.
Stall @ Buntong beside police station (opposite Sri Maha Kaliamman temple)
Opens every day. Must order minimum 2 for takeaway. RM1 each.

Restoran Silibin Jumbo
Jalan Silibin, Silibin
Opens every day and operates till noon – RM1.

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