Claypot Yee Mee or Poh Chai Noodles


By Wern Sze Gill

ipoh hawker foodClaypot noodles, also known as Yee Mee or Poh Chai Noodles, are a type of crispy noodles made from wheat flour and palm oil. It somewhat resembles spaghetti in shape and texture, and has a unique tasty flavour. The Yee Mee noodles are commonly used in claypot cooking and warms you up on a chilly or rainy day.

Like most noodles, they can be cooked in soup or stir-fried. Their inherent flavour also creates a fragrant broth from boiling the noodles alone. As Yee Mee tends to soak up quite a bit of the gravy when cooked, it should be eaten immediately after it is cooked and is definitely not a dish you would want to takeaway. The noodles should also not be overcooked. The texture of the noodles should be soft but chewy.

Keay Teow Mee Stall @ Tong Sui Kai
Row of night stalls next to Sam Tet School
Minced pork balls, fish balls, sliced fish cakes, cabbage, egg
RM4.50 with egg; RM4.00 without egg
Opens 5pm – 3.30am. Close on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Poh Chai Mee Stall
Restoran Jen Jen
22 Jalan Chew Sin Oon, Off Jalan Tokong
Egg, prawns, minced pork balls, enoki mushroom, choy sum, sprinkling of
fried garlic – RM4 with egg; RM3.50 without egg
Opens for breakfast till about 11am.

Restoran F&B Station
24 Persiaran Greentown 10, Greentown Business Centre
Egg, prawns, fish balls, pork balls, vegetables.
RM3.80. Opens for breakfast and lunch.

Restoran Loi Fatt
15, Laluan Kledang Utara 11
Taman Wang, 31450 Ipoh
The yee mee served is fried and slightly crunchy, providing extra flavour to the broth
RM4.00.  Opens for breakfast and lunch.