Formation of Association for Retirees


As far as I know there is no organisation in Ipoh to look after the interests of private sector retirees. The government pensioners have their own body to fight for their rights. After retirement the pensioner enjoys most of the benefits he received while working. Most importantly pensioners and their dependents get free healthcare.

On the other hand as soon as a private sector employee stops working, his ties with his employer are severed. He has to live rest of his life on his EPF and savings. Studies have shown that EPF only lasts from three to five years.

The government has announced the special payment of RM500 for government pensioners as an appreciation to civil servants. All Malaysians, above 55 years, did contribute to the current well-being of the country and the government must take care of all of them – irrespective of whether they were former workers in the public sector or not. Raya gifts and other monies to take care of our ‘Warga Mas’ (Golden Citizens) must be for all.

The cost of private healthcare is exorbitant which only those earning high incomes can afford. Cost of medicines are increasing and many retirees are not able to pay healthcare insurance premium. The savings is not enough to keep up with the increased cost of living. Most of the retirees have to depend on their children for financial support.

I feel that we retirees must form our own association and fight for our rights. While working we paid our taxes and during our golden years the government should look after our needs.

Those who are in favour please call me at Jeyaraj 012‑4990856.

A. Jeyaraj