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Para Development Sdn Bhd - ipoh propertiesPara Development Sdn Bhd - ipoh propertiesMeru Hills Bungalows is a serene sanctuary is nestled blissfully in the low hills of Meru, Ipoh. Encircled by Meru Heights, Puncak Meru and Meru Valley Golf Resort, Meru Hills Bungalows is a gated and guarded development with a choice of distinctive bungalow designs set in pleasantly landscaped hillside surroundings.

The elevation of Meru Hills Bungalows offers panoramic views of the lovely green mountain ranges of Ipoh in the distance. As morning sun rises, low clouds linger on the hilltops. Every so often, Meru Hills is immersed in a soothing mist after a light shower in the late afternoon. On the left it connects to the North-South Expressway while on the right it joins up with Ipoh-Lumut Highway. City centre is just 15 minutes away by car.

The key design objective is to achieve a harmony of style, comfort, functionality and space in a garden setting with three distinctive bungalow designs namely Type Alexandra with a build-up of 4,335 sq. ft, Type Brooklyn with 2,949 sq. ft and Type Chelsea with 3,124 sq. ft on land sizes averaging 10,000 sq. ft per unit.

Meru Hills Bungalows is the third development project by Para Development Sdn Bhd in Meru after the completion of nearby Meru 2B Business Center and Meru Hills Residential project made up of Double-Storey Link and Semi-Detached Houses.

Para Development Sdn Bhd is an Ipoh-based property developer that is currently undertaking the RM80 million East Eden Development Project located between Ipoh Garden East and Bercham in Ipoh.

For a personal tour of Show-Bungalows, please call 05-5282208 or 012‑5027208.

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