Workshops for NGOs


Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR)Representatives from some 70 NGOs from all over Perak attended a workshop organised by Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR) at St Mike’s Bistro and Restaurant, Ipoh recently.

This is the first of a series of workshops with the theme Live Out Loud. It consisted of two modules: Guide to Writing Effective Proposals and Report Writing.

The workshop is to cater to the needs of NGOs in the state, guiding them through the proper channels thus making them more effective and efficient. It is also to enhance the relationship between civil society organisations and the public sector.

Dato’ Mohd Zahir Abd Khalid, Executive Councillor for Education, Higher Learning and ICT, launched the workshop. In his opening remarks he said, “Those in government should engage, listen and receive feedback from NGOs. This is part and parcel of the democratic institution of our country.” He, therefore, acknowledged the fact that listening and responding to public demands is a prerequisite of good governance.

Chief Executive Officer of IDR, Dato’ Seri Abdul Rahman Hashim plans to conduct another workshop before the year is over. He too acknowledged the role and importance of NGOs.

Institut Darul Ridzuan currently acts as the Secretariat of Perak Amanjaya Council of Civil Society. This workshop was the first step in implementing an independent Council of Civil Society in the state.

The day-long workshop ended with a experience-sharing session among participants. Each received a certificate of attendance.