Empowering Women Through Education


Perak Women For Women Society (PWW)Some 50 participants at the Women’s Health and Wellness Seminar held at St Mike’s Bistro Restaurant, Ipoh took home some invaluable tips on ways to stay healthy and young. The seminar was organised by Perak Women For Women Society (PWW) as part of its effort to help and empower women through education.

The three topics covered were “Skin & Photo-Aging”, “Breast Cancer” and “Botox and Fillers”. President of PWW, Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar delivered the first and third topics while Dr Sumithra Sivasuntharam covered the second.

Dr Sharifah explained the functions of our skin, the largest organ in a human body. It was then followed by definition of Photo-Aging. It means to look older than one’s actual biological age. There are many causes which lead to this but in Malaysia the main culprit is the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Fortunately, most of these could be prevented, like using suitable skincare products, appropriate sunscreen and external sun block apparatus like a hat and an umbrella. Dr Sharifah also taught us the beneficial ingredients that we should look out for in skincare products available in the market.

Dr Sumithra shared her experience as a Consultant General Surgeon and the breast cancer cases that she has handled. Unfortunately, there are no preventive measures to take to stop breast cancer from afflicting us, but early detection is the key to surviving this debilitating disease. It is the most common form of cancer in women in Malaysia. It even affects men. However, the two major risks are age and being of the feminine gender.

Dr Sumithra stressed the importance of self examination and the need to see a doctor should physical changes happen to the breast. Breast cancer is a “silent killer” as sufferers do not experience pain or symptoms.

The third and final topic on Botox and Fillers by Dr Sharifah was just as interesting. In layman’s language, she unraveled the differences between Botox and Fillers commonly used in aesthetic medicine, and the uses of Botox or Fillers in the different parts of our face. In her slide show, she also presented ‘Before and After” photos of celebrities who underwent Botox treatments. She, however, cautioned that some people may experience complications which would worsen one’s looks.