MBI Must Get Date Right


First I must say that I am not nitpicking on a typo error. The signboard concerned is in front of the pick-up area of passengers in the railway station and in a strategic location. The railway station is one of the main gateways to Ipoh.

The signboard in front of the passenger pick-up area giving particulars of the project being carried out in the field opposite the station states that the completion date is July 15, 2012; the same date is given on the signboard placed in front of the Town Hall. Only ground work is being done and maybe the year must be wrong.

Passengers waiting for transport have nothing to do and read the signboard which is in front of them. I also read it while waiting for transport and another passenger standing beside me pointed out the error as well.

This error may be considered insignificant, but it gives a bad impression of MBI to tourists and visitors on how they manage their projects. It shows the calibre of people they employ. The error should be corrected immediately and the correct completion date given. MBI staff must be more alert and prevent embarrassments like this.

I feel bad when outsiders point out these things to me.

A. Jeyaraj

2 thoughts on “MBI Must Get Date Right

  1. 4 months to go. Will it be a success ? how will this be gauged ? hopefully all will be “alright on the night” !

  2. The completion date is probably not a typo or wrong. On the contrary, that date may have been the expected completion date when the project was started. Government projects are notoriously known for late completion.

    This project is a laughing-stock because it is part of the Visit Perak Year 2012 program. With less than four months left, it is very doubtful that the project can be completed this year. In such case, the project is a complete waste.

    Who is to take responsibility for this stupendous failure?

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