Meeting of Perak’s Local Governments


At the recent meeting of the 15 local authorities in Perak chaired by Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon at the State Secretariat Building, Mah reported that at midyear, Perak’s aggregate income is RM222.16 million. Expenditure at midyear stands at RM175.72 million. Compared to the same period last year,  this year registered an income surplus of 8.75 percent.

One major issue brought up at the meeting was regarding stray animals on roads. Some local authorities had been active in advising and issuing compounds where needed. Mah asked the public to work closely with local authorities to keep their livestock safe. Local authorities are only authorised to shoot animals with tranquillisers not live bullets. As the tranquillisers are supplied by veterinarians, a discount is given thus making them affordable. Previously, a single dose for dogs and cats was priced at RM200. It now costs RM12 a dose.

The issue of illegal gambling sites, especially usage of slot machines, was also brought up. It was recommended that licences of premises where illegal gambling takes place be cancelled. This is one effective way to resolve the problem. The Police and local authorities will work together to stop the menace from spreading.

Mah encouraged the public to get to know their councillors through the respective local authority website. Councillors’ phone numbers and emails are provided for general viewing. Local authorities’ websites can be accessed at


5 thoughts on “Meeting of Perak’s Local Governments

  1. It is rotten to the core. Councillors are appointed for political objectives ONLY. The MISSION is to appease politicians. ASK them to agree on this point first and REFORM will take place accordingly!

  2. I believe by now our councillors know us better than themselves. So, yours truly would like to offer to stand for election as the Big ‘C’. And our to gallant heroes – Lets give a shot and if found unsuitable or proven wrong, we shall withdraw like gentlemen. We are not here to warm our seats. After all, we dont really need knowledgable persons to run the show. How effective have these knowledgeable persons been ? What we require is less talk and more action like the Expendables ! – to accomplish a mission, no failure. Have any of our councillors responded to the numerous complaints highlighted in the media ? You only hear the Mayor giving excuse after excuse. He seems to be the spokesman for the councillors. So, no point having them in the first place, right ? They are just trying to distract and confuse us. The question now falls on the leadership. Arrogance and Ignorance seems to be the theme of the day. Like Bill Gates said ” Your unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning “.

  3. If the Councilors are incompetent in their tasks and very complacent in the position, its high time we kick them off, and replace them with some knowledgeable individuals. Why waste our monies on slow boats when we can hop on fast trains these days. We should also set up an Anti- Malpractice Committee headed by former state directors of any department who had proven his/her integrity and worth. This is to check abuses, performance and malpractices in state governments and local authorities.

  4. Could Dato’ Dr Mah or the MB say that Councilors would be dropped if residents in their zones are unhappy with their performance? Many of the Councilors are reappointed time and again despite residents complaints against them for not doing anything.

  5. Dato Dr Mah is asking the public to know their Councillor of their zone, Great. In a recent survey by some of the NGOs, 5 simple questions were put to the residents and it is sad to say that 81% of the people do not know their councillor. The residents even do not know what the zone they are in. The NGOs have sent their findings to Dato Dr Mah, The Menteri Besar, and Dato Bandar and it is disgusting to note that not one of them have replied to any one of the NGOs. The Intention of the NGOs to meet any one of them is to work with the councillors to bring awareness of ‘Know your councillors’ to the residents.. But since the parties concerned are in the least not bothered, goes to tell that they they are at their posts, not to hear the public views but for the public to hear their views. When a question is raised, an answer should be provided. When a letter is delivered, an acknowledgement should be sent.Please Buck up.

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