Public Transport – Has it Improved?


The Government Transformation Programme to improve public transport system in the country does not seem to meet the aspirations of the rakyat. For the past two years I have done some informal studies of my own on public transport system, especially on buses in Perak. One major flaw I find most wanting is the lack of bus stops along bus routes. Commuters are forced to fend for themselves in the event of inclement weather.

A year ago I approached the Teluk Intan Municipal Council to request for a bus stop in front of the district hospital. This is to enable visitors and the sick to take the bus outside of the hospital rather than walking over 300 metres to the present site. My pleas, however, fell on deaf ears.

The Perak Transit buses plying the Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar-Ipoh route are no better. The other day while waiting for the bus in front of the LaFarge Cement Factory Chemor to take me to Ipoh, two buses went past me without stopping. Luckily, the third bus stopped.

I lodged a complaint with the company the following day. After an inquiry the management said that the nonexistence of a bus stop was the reason why the drivers did not stop to pick me. I later found out that the existing bus stops are located at Ladang Dovenby and Kantan Baru – over 3 km apart. The drivers, therefore, have a good excuse not to stop to pick passengers although the cement factory employs many from outside of Chemor.

I hope the authorities acknowledge this deficiency and take remedial measures to resolve the problem. It is pointless to talk of transformation on a grand scale when nothing has transformed on the ground.

Chris Ng

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  1. Local councils have absolutely no say in public transport matters, not even where to put the bus stops. Routes and stops are decided between the bus operator and the Land Public Tranport Commission (or Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat). Bus shelters are built at the discretion of local councils because they are required by law to provide bus shelters.

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