Attempted Robbery Foiled


SitiawanQuick action by Rela members helped foiled a robbery from taking place. The incident, in front of the Hong Leong Bank in Sitiawan, took place at around 10.30am on Tuesday, September 4.

A businessman parked his car near the bank to deposit RM20,000. The man had yet to alight from his vehicle when a motorbike with two men, one armed with a machete, stopped next to the car. One of them shattered the side window and demanded that the cash be handed over. An alert motorist, sensing that a crime was being perpetrated, rammed his car into the robbers’ motorbike. The duo were flung off their machine.

The commotion attracted passers-by. One of them, a Rela volunteer, notified the police and alerted other Rela members. The thieves dashed into the nearby wooded area and hid with angry residents in pursuit. They cordoned the area and some began to search the undergrowth for the culprits. Police then arrived and took charge.

One of the two men was discovered and apprehended, as he tried to escape. The other remained in the hedge and would not come out. The police summoned the fire department. The hedge was set on fire. Still the man could not be located.

Finally, an excavator was driven in to clear the shrubbery to facilitate the search. As the excavator roared and moved into the greenery, the robber dashed into the open right into the arms of the residents. The presence of police did not prevent the two robbers from getting the thrashing they deserved. The 100-odd residents who were at the scene vented their anger on the would-be robbers. It was poetic justice.

The quick action on the part of the Rela volunteers and the authorities saved the day. The Rela volunteers are determined to reduce the increasing crime rate in the district and have set up a citizen watch group of sorts.

According to reliable sources only part of the money was recovered after the incident, the remaining is still missing. OCPD Manjung, ACP Jaafar Baba would not comment much when contacted. He insisted that the case is still under investigation.