Summoned for No Fault of Theirs


My relatives came down from KL during Merdeka Holidays and went for breakfast Saturday September 1 at 8.15am on Leech Street. Except for the restaurants, other shops were not opened and they looked around and did not find anyone selling parking coupons. After breakfast they found a parking ticket on their car. Being a Saturday they were not even able to pay their fine.

They feel that they were summoned wrongly. If the parking fee starts at 8am, then MBI must have booths selling coupons from that time. MBI cannot expect tourists from outstation to carry coupons in their cars. Leech Street is famous for food and MBI must station their staff there to sell coupons. Ipoh is a food haven and MBI must not frustrate the tourists. Tourists start their day early.

Even on weekdays, shops selling coupons are not opened early. I found that many tourists have been unjustly summoned. They feel it is a ploy by MBI to increase income. MBI should have their own booths in areas popular with tourists or consider re-introducing parking meters in tourist spots.

I feel MBI must refund the money for wrongly summoning innocent victims due to their inadequate system of selling coupons. MBI must come up with a solution for this.

A. Jeyaraj

6 thoughts on “Summoned for No Fault of Theirs

  1. Man Irwan, you are spot on. In this country, u hv to wait for a solution till “Thy Kingdom come”. Mind you, this is not the only problem. It is becoming a culture in this Boleh Land. But then, we hear our efficient civil servants getting their salary increments and bonuses. And Snatch thieves are also targeting tourists. Please ask yourself the question, “How often do you spot a police on the road in Ipoh in the day?”

    As a tourist, I would definitely be frustrated because U (MBI) hv spoiled my day. And do U think I will make a second trip ! MBI will never think they have an inadequate system. And what about the other government departments.

    So, pls remember Ronald Reagan famous quote – government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

    Well, u can continue to provide comments after comments or making calls after calls with no answers. Change will not come unless……….

  2. Yes,I agree of all…but should MBI look at a better and more effective system on parking..try look at foreign country..don’t just look on how to make money but also look how to improve public service..
    I have been living in Ipoh for the last 40++ years..just look at the public transport. Till today we have change many MB’s but none looked at it. Drains are clogged n hardly somebody cleans it. I run a business and at 1 area Taman Kinta..a tree fell down. Called MBI over n over but no answer. What type of department is this till I got help from somebody working inside. But they have enough people when it comes to “SUMMONS”

  3. agree !

    parking tickets shd be sold at petrol stations & 24hours stores.
    easy for public to buy it.
    pls take action on ths.


  4. MBI must buck up. The comments giving by the public is for the betterment of the system. Sometimes, it is the attitude of the enforcement officers, sometimes it is the implementation of the rules by the agencies concerned without indepth studies of the issues concerned. Officers go overseas to learn and study and to implement what is good for the public, but most of the times implementation is without follow up and this screws up the issues and angers the public.

  5. Even Ipoh residents won’t know where to buy parking coupons if not for the display boards outside shops that sell. Drivers often times had to drive around looking for the display boards when they realize that they have run out of parking coupons.

    The weird thing is that parking coupons are not sold at the one place that all cars must go to, ie petrol stations! Petrol stations are the most natural places for motorists to look for parking coupons.

    24-hour stores are found everywhere and very convenient for motorists to buy parking coupons. They have large advertisement boards, so it is easy to spot them.

    Motorists can go to (most) petrol stations and 24-hour stores at any time to buy parking coupons. Shops that sell parking coupons under the current system are usually closed at night.

    MBI must make it very easy for motorists to buy parking coupons. Or perhaps MBI wants to make more money through parking summonses?

  6. Kudos to MBI for performing their duties well. To institute it better, please summon all the illegal hawkers at the Polo Padang, then the noddle stall along Cockman Street (Jln Dato Onn Jaafar)which is now stationed on the pavement and many many more. What has the mayor got to say about it?

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