Hoping to Reconnect with Former Servants


The mail below comes from the grandson of J.A.S. (Jack) Jennings who was a prominent member of Ipoh in the early days as editor and proprietor of the newspaper Times of Malaya, based in Ipoh.

“Hello Ian:

It’s been some time since I’ve sent you any images from the family archives. I’ve come across these shots taken in Ipoh in 1962. The first one shows me with my sister Alison and our nanny Ramah standing in front our our house at 141 Jalan Abdul Jalil, as the street was then known. The second depicts myself with Alison, my other sister Christina, our mother Joyce and Ramah at the back of our house, with our dog Bintang.

I’ve also enclosed a shot of Ramah with her fiancé and another of our Amah and her three daughters. Amah was our house cleaner, while her husband was our cook. My family was extremely close to our servants – they really were like family, especially Ramah (I remember fondly the times that Ramah took our family to her family’s kampong for home-cooked Malayan meals). But we sadly lost touch with them when we returned to Canada. It would be wonderful if, through the portal of IpohWorld, we might be able to reconnect with them all these many years later. – Nicholas Jennings

Ian Anderson

Amah with Kim, Boon & Wan

Nick, Ramah & Ali in Ipoh

Ramah and fiance