Perak Nasyid Fest 2012


Nasyid is an Arabic-themed song sung in the Malay language. The songs are in praise of Allah and the retributions awaiting those who sinned.

Realising the potentials the songs have in galvanising Muslim youths, the Department of Culture and Arts of Perak organised a nasyid competition recently. It was conducted along the lines of a festival in order to bring nasyid to a more competitive level.

Twenty four groups competed in the preliminary rounds. The participating teams included students from national-type and Arabic schools, including inmates of orphanages and laypersons. The competition was held at the department’s auditorium in Jalan Caldwell, Ipoh.

The finals on Wednesday, September 12 saw four groups vying for the top three spots. Kumpulan Nasyid Fauzan from Pusat Pendidikan Al-Barakah, Manjoi took top honours winning the RM2,000 prize money. Second place went to Kumpulan Saiful Ummah from Chemor while the third spot went to Kumpulan Shouful Haramain from Tanjung Malim. The groups won RM1,500 and RM1,000 respectively.

Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin, Executive Councillor for Youth and Sports, gave away the prize money.