Josai Students Enriched at UTAR


Ninety students from Josai International University (JIU), Japan, who attended the two-week English Immersion Programme at UTAR Perak Campus were all smiles upon receiving the certificate of completion during the Josai Students Graduation Ceremony held recently.

Invited to grace the ceremony were UTAR Vice President (Internationalisation & Academic Development) Professor Dr Ewe Hong Tat, Vice Dean of JIU Faculty of Tourism Professor Dr Wachi Yasuko, JIU Language Education Center lecturer Professor Nakayama Tomokazu, Director of UTAR Centre for Extension Education Ms Lim Guat Yen and Director of Centre for Foundation Studies (Perak Campus) Assistant Professor Mr Pek Hoo Chun.

Professor Ewe extended his gratitude to all who have made the programme a resounding success and shared his joy for having the group of international students at UTAR. “Thank you for taking the first step to come to Malaysia to know us better. I hope the students will bring back the experience and visit other countries,” he mentioned.

Professor Wachi concurred, further sharing heart-warming stories of the warm Malaysian hospitality that she and the JIU students received and experienced during their two-week stay. “The programme is a big success as a result of coordination between UTAR staff and students. We will bring more students here in the future,” she gushed, drawing roaring applause from the crowd. She then congratulated the 90 students for successfully completing the programme and was proud of their achievement. “We feel even more proud of meeting dedicated UTAR staff and students who make us feel like part of a big family,” she concluded.

Students Takaki Kagami and Keisuke Kikuchi expressed their joy of being here and also attending the programme. “Although it was difficult [to communicate] at the beginning, we made it,” Kikuchi said.

A series of performances ranging from group singing to lively dances by the JIU students soon ensued, turning the ceremony into a fun-filled yet significant and sweet event.

The English Immersion Programme was the fruit of international collaboration between UTAR and JIU. During their stay here, the JIU delegates not only visited certain famed tourist destinations in Penang but also New Villages in Cameron Highlands and Kampung Koh in Sitiawan. The group from the Land of the Rising Sun, along with some UTAR staff and students, were also cordially invited to the Citra Perak Aman Jaya Launching Ceremony and Dinner by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (Perak) in conjunction with ‘Visit Perak 2012’ which further opened their eyes to the vibrant cultures of Malaysia and showing them what this beautiful country has to offer culturally and gastronomically.