Well Done MBI!


The purpose of my letter is to thank Ipoh City Council (MBI) for a job well done. After so much bashing from people who don’t lift a finger to help but only heap scorn, I hope my letter will help lift the Council’s morale a little.

On Monday, September 10 or thereabout, my neighbourhood was abuzz with news that a bee hive was growing in size on a mango tree nearby. I went out to have a look and my fear was confirmed. The bee hive was active and thus posed a danger to those living in the vicinity.

I was unsure what to do initially. After a few days, I decided it was time to act before someone got hurt. I went to the MBI website and emailed my complaint, as requested.

Days went by without any action from the council. On Friday, September 21, I alerted Ipoh Echo. I was told to call Major Roslan Zakaria (Rtd), the councillor responsible for Zone 15. I did as told. Roslan replied that remedial actions had been taken by the Council. I rushed out of my house to see and presto, the offending bees were no longer there.

I wish to make the following comments:

MBI website is not very user-friendly, as I have to look high and low for the “Aduan” bar.

Once a complaint has been filed there is no mention on the status of the complaint.

Residents are still unsure whom to call for actions.

Rubbish collection, on the whole, is excellent. My only complaint is the spillage caused by the workers. One other area which the council should focus on is the irregularity of garden refuse collection. The source of the problem, however, is the residents themselves. The fondness of some to turn the whole neighbourhood into one big rubbish dump is stupefying.

I don’t blame the council for all the wrongs that we see. I blame the people, as I have seen them throwing rubbish on roadsides and in the streets. We still have plenty to learn before we can be called a developed nation. Foremost, we need to change our mindset. For a start, stop blaming MBI for all of our woes.

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