Laksa Asam (Halal)


Ipoh hawker foodWe are looking again at Laksa Asam (or Asam Laksa) but the halal kind, in other words, Malay laksa. When compared with Penang laksa, the gravy of Malay laksa is not as thick and comes with a slice of hard-boiled egg. You won’t see bits and pieces of fish floating around because the fish is ground so fine in the gravy, making it a little watery. Mint leaves or Vietnamese mint (daun kesum) may be used as a garnish with sliced onions, red chillies and torch ginger flower (bunga kantan). We were hard-pressed to find very many exceptional stalls (readers are encouraged to recommend any).

D’Polo Cafe Lan’s Catering
Jalan Brash (across from the Polo Ground)
Gravy is mildly spicy but flavourful and comes with half a hard-boiled egg, garnished with mint leaves. Squeeze lime juice for extra tartness. The sweetness can be adjusted by adding the thick prawn paste that comes separate – RM4. Opens from 4.30pm till 2.30am everyday.

Laksa Ampang Ipoh
Stall under a big tree on Persiaran Wira Jaya Barat 32 (Off Jalan Raja Musa Mahadi between 2 Esso stations)
A very popular stall with the local residents – RM2.50
From 2.30pm to 7pm, Sundays closed; also sells cucur udang and pisang goreng.

MBI Terrace Stall No. 4
Greentown Business Centre
Comes with fried fritters (yeong liu), the reddish gravy is a little spicy – RM 3.50
Opens from 7pm-1am everyday (if weather permits).


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