Forum on Education Blueprint 2013-2025


PAGE (Parent Action Group for Education) Ipoh ChapterPAGE (Parent Action Group for Education) Ipoh Chapter organised a forum at the Andersonian’s Club Cafeteria to discuss the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025. Dato’ Dr Anwar, Co-ordinator of Ipoh Chapter said that since the Education Ministry was not willing to have a public dialogue in Ipoh to discuss the report, PAGE has organised this forum.

Liong Kam Chong, a retired secondary school principal who was the guest speaker, explained the education blueprint in relation to Teaching of Science and Maths in English (PPSMI). He said there was not much of a problem with the high ranking officers in implementing the policy of soft landing of PPSMI. The problem was with the principals of the schools who set the policy in their schools. When principals are transferred there is a change in the policy. He added there were basically three categories of parents; English speaking families, those starting to speak English and those who trust the system.

Dr Anwar said that he was disappointed with the blueprint which omitted a number of important issues. Page Ipoh Chapter seeks to have the following proposals seriously considered by the Ministry of Education in finalising the preliminary blueprint.

  • Reinstate PPSMI or at least provide provision for it.
  • Establish permanent PPSMI schools.
  • Reinstate English-medium schools.
  • Moral Education should remain compulsory, but it should cease to be an examination subject.

There was a call that PAGE must be more aggressive and to show its disappointment, copies of the Report must be publicly burnt at various places in the country to attract the attention of the public, media and the authorities.

It was sad to note that in spite of the wide publicity given about the forum only about 50 parents turned up.