YBU Football Club Aims High


Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan’s (YBU) newly minted football club, YBUFC, has set its sights high in spite of its being a new kid on the block. The team will participate in the Ipoh Football League for a start while eyeing the competitive premier league as its ultimate goal.

YBU Football Club
Hairul Anwar Mohamed Noor, Team Manager

Team Manager, Hairul Anwar Mohamed Noor, who is also YBU’s Director of Finance, is optimistic of the team’s chances. “I’ve had to set the bar high in order to inspire the players to greater heights,” said Hairul to Ipoh Echo.

“Winning the Ipoh League will pave the way for a shot at the FAM League,” he added. “It’s not something impossible,” insisted Hairul. “Based on the players’ capabilities, I am confident this is achievable.”

The team’s first eleven has been identified but the selection process will continue until an eventual eleven is picked. “We’ve got to be serious if we want to win,” said Hairul when met at a meet-the-press session held at YBU’s Greentown Square office recently. The session was to introduce the players and officials to the media.

The team has a formidable line-up consisting of former players from the Super League, President Cup and the Perak Youth Cup. They are being beefed up with rookies picked from a series of trials held in the preceding months.

The team will be managed and trained by people well versed in the game of football. Post of Assistant Manager is taken by Khairul Sharil Mohamed while the job of keeping the players in form is given to Salim Abd Wahab, as chief coach and Raja Azhar Raja Ayob, as his assistant. All three come with very strong credentials having been involved in the game for several years.

The players, for reasons of expedience, are being co-opted as volunteers of YBU. This is to reinforce the seriousness of YBU in eradicating poverty among Perakeans. “The appointment of the club players as volunteers is indicative of the foundation’s desire to honour its mission,” said Hairul. “Let it be known that game is an integral part of YBU.”

The forming of a football team may seem petty to some but if the team is successful it will have a definitive impact on the foundation. After all, team games is all about bonding and teamwork, whether on the field or on the job.