OMPH Youth’s Masked Ball

Over 70 youths from three parishes, the churches of OMPH, St Michaels Church and Our Lady of Lourdes got together on Sunday, December 16 for OMPH Youth’s Masked Ball.
OMPH Youth Masked Ball
OMPH Youth Masked Ball
As the theme suggested, all present wore a mask and brought along a gift valued at not more that RM10, which was exchanged at random.
According to organisers Jonathan Charanraj and Bryan Cheah from OMPH Youth Ministry, there were a lot of activities that night and all were well participated by those present.
(left photo) Best dressed d'Oliverio and Cheah. (right photo) OMPH Youth
(left photo) Best dressed d’Oliverio and Cheah. (right photo) OMPH Youth
The activities included games and dances and also a contest for the best dressed girl and boy which was won by Sonia Cheah and Jonathan d’Oliverio.
'The dancing was the best'
‘The dancing was the best’
In keeping with the spirits of the season there was caroling and a flash mob dance performed to the tune, Felize Navidad done in A capella.
Jonathan d’Oliverio described the event as fun filled. “The best was the dancing,” he said with much glee. His sentiments were shared by Ashley Wong.