2 January 2013 Start-Up For UTC Perak.


“UTC Perak will be fully operational on 2 January 2013”.

Mayor Roshidi holding a press conferfence at UTC Perak's Conference Room

Mayor Roshidi holding a press conference at UTC Perak’s Conference Room

This was announced by Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim at UTC’s Conference Room which has a seating capacity for 160 people. Roshidi together with Ipoh Councilors did a tour of the UTC after their monthly full board meeting held on 31 January 2012.

Roshidi with Ipoh Councilors touring UTC Perak

Roshidi with Ipoh Councilors touring UTC Perak

The Urban Transformation Centre or UTC Perak will house 56 state and federal government offices under one roof for the purpose of being a one-stop-centre for Ipoh’s residents.

Located at the central market at the premises which was once known as Super Kinta Ipohites will be able to settle their bills and do their marketing at the same time.

Traffic Congestion

Anticipating the traffic coingestion which will surely arise from the new centre Roshidiaddedthat the “Centre has 372 parking bays and for the first month the parking will be free of charge.

However there are additional parking lots located at the surrounding blocks close to UTC such as Yik Foong Plaza from where consumers could park and walk to the centre. Roshidi added that workers who worked in town should also walk to the centre from their offices as a form of exercise.

Roshidi at MBI's counter at UTC Perak and the CCTV Room

Roshidi at MBI’s counter at UTC Perak and the CCTV Room

Roshidi also announced that the centre has been designated a no-smoking-zone as well as being equipped with 12 CCTV cameras.”The council will not tolerate any form of vandalism and anyone caught will be summoned on the spot”

The centre will operate 7 days per week ‘except on public holidays’ and its operating times is from 830am till 10pm.

Roshidi stated that the chicken stall section “next door to the Centre will be upgraded. Tenders are being called for and work is expected to start after 6 months”.


2 thoughts on “2 January 2013 Start-Up For UTC Perak.

  1. It is good that the place has finally found use after more than a decade being empty. But there is another big building that is underused from day one of its completion, ie the federal building in Greentown.

    The idea of a federal building was to house all the federal ministries and agencies under one roof for the convenience of the people. But ministries wanted to have their own buildings and one by one, moved to Meru, leaving the building almost empty. Now the UTC brings them back under one roof.

    Most people don’t know it but the former Super Kinta space is really rundown. It would have cost a lot of money to refurbish it, much that could have been saved if the UTC used the federal building instead. How much was the refurbishing cost and who paid the money?

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