Zambry Checks Out Ipoh Airport


MB, Dato Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir paid a visit to Sultan Azlan Shah Airport recently accompanied by State Secretary Y.B Dato’ Abdul Puhat bin Mat Nayan and JKR State Director Dato’ Ir. Dr. Safry Kamal Bin Hj. Ahmad.

Zambry,led by Airport Manager Puteh Ramli, tours Ipoh Airport
Zambry, led by Airport Manager Puteh Ramli, tours Ipoh Airport

Airport Manager En Puteh bin Ramli was on hand to greet Zambry and escorted him on the tour of the completed airport.
Work to upgrade Ipoh Airport started in April 2011 and was completed on schedule on November 2012. The upgrading works included lengthening the runway from the previous 1.8Km to 2Km which can now accommodate B737-800 and A320 aircraft operations. Additionally the apron has been widened to accommodate 3 aircraft being on ground simultaneously.

The arrival and departure halls are enlarged. Whole facility is air conditioned.
The arrival and departure halls are enlarged. Whole facility is air conditioned.

The total cost of the upgrading works amounted to RM37 million.
The upgrade to the terminal building included the construction of a new roof and façade while the arrival and departure halls was enlarged and the facility fully air-conditioned to improve the passengers comfort level.

Zambry “good but could do with some slight improvements”.
Zambry “good but could do with some slight improvements”.

Zambry’s impression of the Airport was “it is good but as usual could do with some slight improvements”

According to Airport Manager Puteh Ramli the Boeing 737-800 and Airbus 320 have the range for direct flights between south-east-asia and also Hong Kong “though with limitation for passenger and fuel loads”.
Currently Firefly is the only airline providing a regular service with 2 daily flights to Singapore utilizing  ATR-72 aircraft.

6 thoughts on “Zambry Checks Out Ipoh Airport

  1. If that’s the case, as what Steven Lee stated, no wonder there are no happy news (new routes flight) after the upgrading…

  2. The Ipoh airport manager should be implementing with the demanded flight routes by proposing to AirAsia, Malindo Air and Firefly.
    The routes demanded by Ipoh citizens are :-

    Ipoh-Johor Bahru
    Ipoh-Kota Bharu
    Ipoh-Kota Kinabalu

    * 5 most demanded routes from Ipoh.

    Thank You !

  3. If the airport is ready,then hand it over to malaysia airport without delay. Perakean should be able to fly from ipoh to other asean countries.
    I believe the government should push the dept in charge to wake up, shape up and not be sluggish in their job.Change the ceo if they are not competent in the job and show no urgency in the matter.
    PM has given BN manifesto to the rakyat, if the perak govt still sleeping, then it serve them right if BN fail in perak,afterall BN in perak has been granted a second life after taking over from the opposition. This airport should improved 20 years ago,unfortunately nobody bothers about it. I was born in greentown ipoh in 1960,sad to say not much changes in ipoh city, maybe the city is run by the wrong people which could not see the tourist potential ipoh possessed and lack of knowledge as to how to improve it.Ask the local people in order to improve things to avoid becoming a white elephant project. Find an ipoh boy to improve ipoh not from elsewhere.

  4. Why our Perak government are doing nothing or at least explain to their people why there is no improvement in getting more international flights for Ipoh ?
    We have been hoping for so many many years and all we can see is money spend for the airport but no benefits to the people of Perak .
    Now the airport is ready but no announcement of whatsoever for this airport !

    Please wake-up and do something !

  5. The extension of 200m to the runway is pointless. An important note is that even before the 200m extension, the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 can use the originally 1,790m-long runway. MAS used B737’s for the Ipoh-KL shuttle flights and Air Asia operated Ipoh-Senai flights using A320’s. The B737 require a shorter runway than the A320 but most LCC’s use the A320.

    The reason for the extension was to attract LCC’s like Air Asia to fly to Ipoh. Since Air Asia’s A320 had flown in and out of Ipoh airport, other LCC’s using A320’s should be able to do the same. Right?

    The critical issue here is the maximum loaded weight. While A320’s can land safely on the 1,790m runway, it can’t take-off at maximum loaded weight. But 2,000m is still not enough for the A320 to take-off at maximum loaded weight!

    LCC’s packed their planes full of passengers to make money because of the low fares. Their planes don’t take-off half full. This meant that the planes are close to their maximum take-off weight.

    LCC’s using A320’s fly routes that are up to 3 hours away, which is within the range of Hong Kong and even Guangzhou. But to fly that long distances, the A320’s must carry a full load of fuel.

    The combined weight of the fuel plus the passengers meant that the A320 must take-off using a longer runway. Technical data specified a minimum runway length of 2,090m for the A320 to take-off at maximum loaded weight.

    So the extension to 2,000m is clearly insufficient. Moreover, should a plane abort its take-off, there must be additional length of runway as a safety buffer.

    To reduce weight, the A320 must carry fewer passengers, which meant less profits for the LCC. Usually the LCC will ask the state or local government to compensate for the lost profits. The government may also subsidize ticket fares to attract LCC’s to fly into Ipoh airport. Most people don’t know about these compensation practices.

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