Ponggal at OMPH


OMPH Ponggal 003-001 OMPH Ponggal 001-001Celebrating Ponggal has been an annual celebration by the Tamil speaking community at Our Mother of Perpetual Help (OMPH) church. Nonetheless, it was celebrated joyously at OMPH grounds this year on the January 20 with the teamwork of the Tamil community of OMPH and Batu 8 parish. A total of 300 parishioners from near and far graced the event. The celebration begun with the boiling of milk and rice in an earthen pot according to the tradition of Ponggal.  This was carried out at the front of the church before the start of the weekly mass at 4pm.

Mass ended at 5.30pm and was followed by fun and games for the parishioners. A total of six BEC’s (Basic Ecclesial Community) took part in the events.  The first activity for the day was a drawing contest for children who were divided into two categories: below 12 and below seven years old. The adults had a fun time sorting out legumes from a mixed bowl which proved to be a bit difficult as it was all very small. Next, more fun followed with the bursting balloons game which was a crowd favorite as laughter was heard throughout the game. The fourth activity was limbo divided into children, youths and senior parishioners. Parishioners gyrated to the music and went as low as they could. Finally, the last activity for the day was a quiz where the participants were asked a range of questions from general to biblical knowledge.

Such fun needed to be brought to an end with good food. All those who attended were given a sumptuous vegetarian feast with a serving of the ponggal and chickpeas. The event ended on a happy note at 8pm.

Simon Anthony