A First in Perak


Ipoh-based Indian music and cultural dance school, Swaralaya Sangeetha Kalalayam, now has its very own building. The school, specialising in Indian fine arts classes, is the first of its kind in Perak – a proud distinction jealously guarded by its founders. It is located in First Garden, Ipoh.

Swaralaya Sangeetha Kalalayam - Indian music & cultural dance school

Dato’ S. Veerasingam, the special advisor to Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, officiated at the opening recently. With him were MIC Youth leader, Sivaraj and Ipoh Fine Arts President, Mrs Shanti. In attendance were students of the school and their parents.

The first half of the programme saw some very energetic display of rhythmic yoga followed by dances, vocal and violin recitals performed by the school’s students. Ms Panbarasi, a lecturer at the Ungku Omar Polytechnic, Ipoh, who was instrumental in setting up the training school, thanked her mother, Mrs Sarojini, for her guidance, encouragement and support in her acknowledgement speech.

She went to on to describe how apathetic the local Indian music and cultural scene has been and the hardships she had undergone as a budding artiste. She hoped the well-heeled from among the Indian community will rise to the occasion and help, in whatever ways possible, to overcome the lingering apathy, resolve problems and stop the erosion of the community’s traditional values.

The “Kalalayam”, she enthused, would be a convenient platform for aspiring students to hone their skills in Indian cultural music and dances. “It’s a dream come true, of sorts” she added.

Swaralaya Sangeetha Kalalayam was founded in 2006. The school conducts vocal training, dancing and recitals classes. It also teaches students to play musical instruments such as violin, tabla, mridangam, dholak and bhajan. Yoga classes are also available. Those wishing to know more about the school can contact Ms Panbarasi at 010-566 2395 for details.