Mum is Suhaini’s Inspiration


Diploma in Finance and Islamic Banking student, Suhaini Shamsul Hak, 22, was voted the most outstanding graduate at Politeknik Ungku Omar’s 44th Convocation recently. Suhaini, the youngest of three siblings, obtained an exceptionally high GPA grade of 3.74 in her final semester.

Suhaini Shamsul Hak“I attribute my success to my mother who has single-handedly raised us with the little that she has,” said Suhaini when met after the convocation ceremony. Her mother, Mariam Abdullah is a single parent. She was from Chiang Mai, Thailand and was a devout Buddhist before converting to Islam upon her marriage to Suhaini’s father, Shamsul Hak Maulana Gul. Her husband died after a long illness some years ago.

“The demise of Suhaini’s father forced me to seek jobs to feed my three kids. They were my inspiration,” said Mariam. She recounted the time she had to work long hours to put food on the table and how she had to cycle to send her kids to school. “That’s all behind me now. I am happy that my hard work has produced results,” she said. The gritty lady is a night market trader in Taman Beringin, Grik. She tried her hand at many ventures and while some were successful some were not.

“You can imagine my predicament when money was in short supply and having three mouths to feed,” she recalled her trying moments. “But in spite of all these I didn’t lose faith in God. I saved and scrimped to bring up my children the best I could.”

For her sterling effort Suhaini received the polytechnic’s Best Academic and Co-Curriculum Award, the Malaysian Islamic Economic Development Foundation’s Incentive Award and the Director of Polytechnic’s Award.

Suhaini is presently doing a degree course in Finance and Islamic Banking at Universiti Utara Malaysia in Sintok. She aspires to be a lecturer one day. “That’s my promise to my mother.”