New Projects Must Provide Parking Facilities


It was reported in NST’s Streets Northern (March 28, 2013) that Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim informed that MBI had approved 445 development projects last year and about half of them are in progress.

Ipoh has an acute parking problem in virtually all areas. MBI must stipulate that all new projects must provide parking facilities for their staff as well as customers. MBI must relook into the conditions of the approved projects and include this clause. Withdraw approvals if this condition is not met. If this is not done the parking problem is going to deteriorate further.

Furthermore, MBI must also ensure that all areas of the city are developed equally and there should not be lopsided development. It looks like development is only concentrated in certain areas. MBI must not forget that it collects assessment from all residents; maybe the amount is not the same. This must not be the reason for unequal development.

Appointed councillors can play an important role in seeing that their zones are developed. Development must not be confined to setting up industries and business premises only; healthy recreational facilities for children, adults and senior citizens are needed. All zones must have public transport, clinics, schools, mini post offices and reading rooms/libraries, markets, pondok polis and other essential amenities. Councillors should dialogue with the residents in their zones and get feedback.

A. Jeyaraj