Bring Back Boating in Taman D R Seenivasagam


A. JeyarajiSpeak

By A. Jeyaraj

Back in the old days many parents brought their children to Taman D R Seenivasagam for recreation. Boating in the scenic fish pond was one of the main attractions and was popular with children and adults. When I looked at the photos on the internet which were taken in those days, I noticed that the place looked very clean and beautiful. However, I did not come across photos with the boats.

Recently, when I visited the pond I realised that it has been neglected for quite some time and is not being maintained. The boating activity disappeared some time back. The water is dirty and filled with garbage. The trees which have fallen into the pond have not been removed. The sides of the pond are not properly maintained. There is no grill in the drain flowing into the pond to stop the garbage entering into the pond.

Taman D R SeenivasagamThe plants and flowers grown at the sides of the bridges crossing the pond are not maintained. Wild plants and trees are growing. The abandoned boat landing is still there and is an eyesore. The dustbins are not emptied and are overflowing. More dustbins are needed at strategic locations. There is no proper walkway along the perimeter of the pond.

There are a number of fallen trees and garbage around the pond which has not been removed. The bamboo shoots growing along the edge are not trimmed. Silting has occurred in certain places.

Taman D R SeenivasagamWhen I was there, an old man was catching small fishes from the pond. If small fishes are caught, how is the fish population going to be maintained?

The place is still popular and I saw many parents bringing their children to see and feed the fishes with bread. The children enjoy the sight of voracious freshwater fish shoving each other for a tiny bite of bread.

What Ipohites expect is the pond to be restored to the condition it was in the good old days. If it could be done then, I do not see any reason why it cannot be maintained now with new technology and the additional manpower that MBI has. This popular tourist attraction and landmark of Ipoh must not be neglected.

The public are not expecting too much from MBI. They want Ipoh to be maintained as it was during the Seenivasagam era. Ipoh used to be the trendsetter for the country.