Inconsiderate Motorists Hindering Traffic Flow


I drive past Taman DR Seenivasagam often and noticed a new signboard pointing the way to River Walk. I decided to visit the place. While driving along the entrance road which is designed for single-lane traffic, I noticed that cars were parked all along the side of the road next to the football field.

Taman DR SeenivasagamDuring my return journey, I noticed that two cars ahead of me had stopped when the road in front was clear. Then I realised that they had stopped to let the on-coming cars pass through. Two big cars cannot pass through the narrow road. Some drivers had to fold in their side mirrors to go through. Cars have difficulty passing each other. Motorists are aware of the problem and I wonder why no one has highlighted it.

A few irresponsible drivers are making life miserable for visitors to the park. MBI must immediately put a stop to parking along this road. There are ample parking places in the park. The drivers are lazy to walk. Cars parked along the road must be clamped.

In fact, I also had to park my car in an unsafe manner to take photos and observe the problem.

A. Jeyaraj

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  1. This clearly shows that the enforcement division of MBI is not doing their job. Summon them as MBI does parking defaulters. This is the only way to educate the public.

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