International Understanding & Peace Day


Rotary Club of Ipoh presented prizes to winners of the World Understanding and Peace essay writing and quiz tests at the  Royal Ipoh club recently. Twenty five candidates from five Interact clubs of Ipoh took part. The questions were taken under exam conditions, and tested the knowledge of the students on World Understanding and Peace.

International Understanding & Peace Day1International Understanding & Peace Day2Past President and Director of International Service, Dato’ Richard Small shared some of the answers to the questions. One question related to how Peace could be promoted in the world. This produced some interesting ideas, some practical, some whimsical. Doing away with nuclear weapons and stopping the arms race was popular, as was promoting democracy, stopping racism and global warming, and learning from past mistakes. One candidate wanted to encourage music, service to others and on-line gaming, and another wisely stated that people should correct their own actions before criticising others.

President Anthony Ang, the current President of the Club gave away the prizes. First prize of RM200 was won by Ms Cheang Hoi Lim (pic) from Perak Girls School Ipoh, the second prize of RM100 went to Mr Jonathan Charanraj of SM Anderson and the third prize of RM50 to Ms Oh Chin Yi, from SMJK Yuk Choy Ipoh. The group’s best results trophy  was captured by SMK Anderson Ipoh.

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