Kinta Heights Upgraded


MBI’s flats at Kinta Height and the neighbouring flats at Jalan Silang and Jalan Bijeh Timah were recently upgraded under the government’s National Blue Ocean Strategy My Beautiful Neighbourhood programme.

Kinta HeightsDato’ Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir officiated at the handing over ceremony after the completion of the project. Zambry was accompanied by Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim.

Kinta HeightsThe scope of the upgrading work was major and covered infrastructure maintenance throughout the building. It also included road pavement and drainage repairs, rewiring of lights in the corridors, plumbing and painting the whole building. The total cost of the upgrade is RM4.4 million.

In his address Zambry described the goal of the government’s National Blue Ocean Strategy as its way to effect change or transformation. Zambry gave the example of the recently refurbished Super Kinta complex into the now Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) which houses 50 government departments and is now a popular 1-Stop Centre providing a convenient service for the rakyat.

Zambry also indicated that the low-cost flats at Ashby Road and other old units such as Waller Court will be given similar upgrades in time and will be done gradually.

During the event the residents made a pledge to look after and maintain their premises.


1 thought on “Kinta Heights Upgraded

  1. Your stitched photo of Kinta Height is a misrepresentation of the building. The building is a rectilinear block, not a faceted one.

    The building was fine in its previous colour scheme — white on concrete and natural bricks. The new colour scheme and patterning are ridiculous and nasty.

    This fanciful misjudgement on one of the tallest buildings in our city demonstrates a weak mentality. I bet most designers and architects in town, dead or alive, are turning over…

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